HI, FRIEND... Ever feel like you're constantly running on empty?

BREATHE is designed to quickly and effectively guide you to a calm mind and a joyful heart.

Find your flow. Harness your strength. Rediscover your joy.

Does this resonate?

“It seems like I’m always on edge, and the smallest things set me off.”

“My mind is constantly racing, but I’m getting nowhere.”

“I’ve tried different stress-relief methods, but nothing sticks. I feel stuck.”

“I just want to feel calm and in control again.”

You deserve better.

If your heart feels like it’s racing against the clock, if you’re seeking a foothold in a world that feels like it’s shifting beneath you, or if you need a moment of peace amid life’s chaos, BREATHE is here for you.

Together, we'll navigate the fog of uncertainty and climb the steep paths of life's challenges. My voice will guide you, offering support and presence as you make meaningful changes.


Unlock the BREATHE Experience

Dive into over 35 audio lessons—personal, heart-to-heart podcasts just for you. Download the interactive workbook, and get exclusive access to 'The Sanctuary.' It’s your library of love, featuring meditations, guided challenges, mini-courses, and my “Quiet Moments” podcast. Plus, for fans of my work on Supernatural, enjoy the playful “Dear Death” column and notes from Death's diary. Remember, we're all on borrowed time—let's make it count!

By the end of BREATHE, you’ll be able to…

Experience deeper breathing to boost relaxation, reduce stress, ease body tension for better mobility, and feel comfort and confidence in your skin.

Understand The #1 reason you're blocking your dreams, and how to fix it.

Experience A positive shift in perspective and take action with confidence.


Begin Your Transformation

Feeling stuck or like options are slipping away? Cultivate new beliefs that open your world to endless possibilities, allowing you to envision a future where you're not limited by past fears or current anxieties.


Stillness in Motion

Overwhelmed by the noise around you? Discover peace in stillness. Here, you’ll find relaxation, learn the art of surrender, and enhance your self-awareness to navigate life’s challenges with grace.


The Pulse of Power

Drained by daily demands? Activate the vital energy within you. This module teaches you how to reclaim your life's energy, fueling your ability to enjoy life and handle challenges more effectively.


Echoes of Authenticity

Feel disconnected from yourself and your environment? Achieve a deeper understanding of your surroundings and inner self. This awareness can be a powerful tool for navigating life with confidence and calm.



Lost touch with who you are or what you stand for? Embrace your core truths. Live authentically and feel the stability that comes from aligning your life with your true values and desires.


Horizon of Possibilities

Hurt by past experiences? Begin the tender process of healing. This journey helps mend emotional scars, fostering growth and resilience as you become a whole, healed person.


The Joyful Awakening

Constrained by your current reality? Stretch beyond it. Explore how expanding your perspective and embracing growth can lead to a life filled with peace and satisfaction.


Your Next Step Awaits...

Step into a life of calm, strength, and joy—though you may not see it yet, I do, and soon, you will too. Ready to start seeing what I see?

Worried it won’t work for you? Try our course risk-free. If you don't feel a positive shift, our 14-day refund guarantees your peace of mind.

Only $379

Find Your Path to Peace

✔ Respond, Not React. Learn to pause and choose response over reaction. Cultivate grace under pressure, and start transforming setbacks into stepping stones.

✔ Stay Grounded Amidst the Storm. Anchor your spirit with practices that bring clarity and calm, even when life feels overwhelming.

✔ Embrace Ease as a Lifestyle. Integrate peace into your daily routine. Discover how a peaceful existence benefits not just you, but everyone around you.


You have questions. I have answers

What exactly is BREATHE?

This is an audio-based course designed to teach you effective stress management and mindfulness techniques. Through guided lessons and meditations, you'll learn how to harness the power of breathwork, visualization, and other practices to find inner peace and clarity.

Who is this course for?

BREATHE is ideal for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the stresses of daily life and is looking for practical strategies to cultivate calm, improve focus, and enhance their overall well-being.

What if I'm new to meditation and mindfulness?

BREATHE is designed for all levels of experience. Whether you're a beginner or have practiced meditation before, the course will help you deepen your practice and discover new ways to apply mindfulness to your life.

How long does the course take to complete?

The course is self-paced, but we recommend completing it over eight weeks. This allows you to fully absorb and practice each technique without feeling rushed.

What is your refund policy?

Engage with the course and fill out your workbook. If you don't feel the shift, show us your completed exercises within 14 days of joining. If BREATHE isn't your step forward, we honor your path to peace with a full refund.

How can I get the most out of this course?

We encourage you to dedicate a quiet space and regular time for your practice, engage with the community for support, and apply the techniques in your daily life.

Do I need any special equipment?

No special equipment is required. You'll need access to the internet to download or stream the audio lessons and a journal for the workbook exercises.

Can I access the course content after completion?

Absolutely! You'll have lifetime access to the course materials, so you can revisit the lessons and practices as often as you like.

Is there any support available during the course?

Our incredibly kind support team is ready to assist you at support@takeabreath.ca

xo, Lisa

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